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About Us 

     Haverhill Special Day School and Academy

9110 SW Haverhill Road Augusta, Kansas 67010

Phone: (316) 775-1819

Fax: (316) 775-3044

We are a K-12 program within Butler County Special Education Interlocal, #638.  The school provides services to nine districts in South Central Kansas:

Andover, USD #385

Augusta, USD #402

Bluestem, USD #205

Circle, USD #375

Douglass, USD #396

El Dorado, USD #490

Flinthills, USD #492

Remington, USD #206 

Rose Hill, USD #394

       The Haverhill program supports students who have unique behavioral and emotional needs. Smaller class sizes and increased adult support are advantages for the population enrolled within the school. At Haverhill some students work within the program through high school graduation (graduating with a diploma from their home school); where others are working toward transitioning back to their home districts. The transition into or out of the Haverhill Special Day School program is a decision involving all members of the IEP team. 

    Haverhill Special Day School and Academy offers four educational  classrooms focusing on core and extracurricular courses delivered by teacher instruction and the use of computerized curriculum. Students also have physical education available two to four times a week and art class.  All classrooms are staffed with certified special education teachers and paraprofessionals. 

     The staff at Haverhill recognizes the importance of connecting with community providers for a team approach, working to improve behavioral services for qualifying students enrolled within the school.  Therefore, South Central Mental Health provides additional support for qualifying students throughout the school day tailored to the individual need of the student.