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  Count Your Kid In A  free developmental screening for infants and preschool children. The purpose is to help parents identify potential learning and behavioral problems and find help. Screenings are held throughout the Cooperative on a monthly basis and special arrangement may also be made to have a child screened on most any Friday at one of the schools hosting Early Childhood Programs. Count Your Kid in Schedule   Emergency Safety Interventions     State Res our ces . . .

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WebKidss Videos

Click on the video you want to watch.  It will open in a new window and then click on the arrow to play.     Intro to WebKidds Annual Reviews Amendments Entering/Returning Students Entry Screen Functions Exits Forms K-Time Main Menu Functions New Referrals Newly Qualified Not Placed . . .

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About Us

  ADMINISTRATION AND OPERATION The Butler County Special Education Cooperative was formed in 1966.  In 2014, the Cooperative became the Butler County Special Education Interlocal, #638.  The Interlocal consists of nine Unified School Districts in South Central Kansas.  A Director of Special Education is charged with the daily operation and administration of the Interlocal.  The Interlocal is governed by a Board of director’s which consists of one school board member from each member district.  The Interlocal also employs two Assistant Directors. COOPERATIVE PHILOSOPHY . . .

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