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  Count Your Kid In A  free developmental screening for infants and preschool children. The purpose is to help parents identify potential learning and behavioral problems and find help. Screenings are held throughout the Cooperative on a monthly basis and special arrangement may also be made to have a child screened on most any Friday at one of the schools hosting Early Childhood Programs.   Count Your Kid in Schedule     State Res our ces Parents Rights Document (pdf) Kansas State Department of Education . . . read more

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Click on the video you want to watch.  It will open in a new window and then click on the arrow to play.     Intro to WebKidds Annual Reviews Amendements Entering/Returning Students Entry Screen Functions Exits Forms K-Time Main Menu Functions New Referrals Newly Qualified Not Placed Progress Reports Wk Lists into Excel read more

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  ADMINISTRATION AND OPERATION The Butler County Special Education Cooperative was formed in 1966. The BCSEC consists of nine Unified School Districts in South Central Kansas. A Director of Special Education, who is charged with the daily operation and administration of the Cooperative, is governed by the Cooperative Council of Superintendents and by the Unified School District #490, El Dorado Board of Education. The Cooperative also employs two Assistant Directors of Special Education. COOPERATIVE . . . read more

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